Project T7 and Project Blossom

During this past winter break, I’ve finally decided to name the frame I built from scratch Project T7. Why T7? I can’t tell you yet! Maybe it has to do with the 7th thoracic vertebrae. 😉

Originally, I was planning to put five layers of paper on Project T7, but after the fourth layer, I decided there was a good balance between weight and durability. With one layer of cloth, two layers of grass paper, and two layers of rice paper, Project T7 should withstand everyday performances.

Project T7

There were only a few days of winter break left so I was able to paint the eyes. Blending black paint with other colors is still really hard for me! Black paint always overpowers other colors so I have to be really careful with the amount I use. Anyway, there’s one inner ring of red to represent the overall color theme. It may seem bland now, but I’m conceptualizing something cool for the eyes (or at least I hope it’s cool).

Project T7’s eyes

No one remembers about Project Blossom, but here is its current state.

Project Blossom

Together, Project T7 and Project Blossom make up the Lion Brothers Project.

Lion Brothers Project – Project Blossom and Project T7

I hope to get a significant portion of the painting done during my next break. More updates to come in April!

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