LionBlogs.com was created by fellow lion dance teammates, Ryan Au and Alex Ng.

The purpose of this site is to document our lion dance training and to provide resources and articles to help promote and spread the art of lion dancing.

About Ryan Au

Ryan Au is an active lion dancer based in San Francisco, the home of many internationally acknowledged martial arts and lion dance groups.  In 1999, he started his Choy Li Fut kung fu training at the tender age of 9.  Soon after, lion dancing was incorporated into his training regimen.  Over the course of several years, he joined a few more martial arts and lion dance groups to further expand his insight of the art.  Ryan is currently synthesizing his personal lion dance flavor by combining the techniques that he likes and discarding what he doesn’t like.  He hopes to work with other fellow lion dancers to continue improving his flavor.  Ryan’s ultimate goal is to create his own lion dance group in the near future.

About Alex Ng

Alex started learning martial arts in college and has focused on Chinese wushu since 2002.  He started learning lion dancing from Ryan Au in 2009 with the San Francisco Wushu Team & Lion Dance Troupe.  His interest in lion dancing stems from the fact that it is a team oriented art.  Unlike the individual routines of taolu, Alex finds enjoyment in lion dancing due to its whole different dynamic of dancing the lion with a partner.  Still new to the art, he hopes to learn more lion dancing techniques, stunts, and improve upon expressing the personality of the lion.  He currently is focused on finding balance between being a martial artist and being an athlete and believes that the two should be incorporated in order to become a skilled person overall and lion dancer.

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