Annie’s Baby Lion Zhao Pai

I took a break from studying today by finishing up the Zhao Pai on Annie’s lion. Normally, the two circles on the side would have the two characters for awakened lion (醒獅), but they were way too small to write anything in it. I was planning to glue metals disks inside the circles, but decided on trying something else that I’ve been thinking about for a long time. The idea is to glue small bells in place of metal disks. Originally, I was going to use this idea around Ace’s horn, but decided that it might be too obnoxious with the large amount of bells. Since this lion will only have two bells, I decided to try it out. The truth is, I can barely hear the bells when the lion moves. Even with ten bells glued on a lion head, I don’t think it will be too obnoxious. We’ll have to find out when I actually do it!

I was also stuck on what to put in the rectangle at the bottom of the Zhao Pai. Initially, I was thinking of writing the two characters for awakened lion (醒獅), but Annie came up with a better idea! Why not write their last name in English? It would fill up the space pretty well. And so I did it, and here’s the result:

Completed Zhao Pai.

You guys may be wondering why I’m not working on the frame that I’ve started from scratch. No worries, I’ll be getting back to it soon…hopefully…

Back to Annie’s lion, I’ll be cleaning up other parts of the lion soon and then it’ll be like new again (or at least close to new?).

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