Annie’s Baby Lion

My girlfriend brought over her childhood lion head this weekend so we were able to take some detailed pictures of it. The original plan was to restore this lion, but we decided not to because it’s still in pretty good condition. Also, the original paint and tail design are really nice for a baby lion (much better than a lot I’ve seen). I’m just gonna touch up some of the chipped off paint and clean it up a little bit.

The newly planned project is to make a copy of the lion with a different color scheme and maybe some changes to the paint design. Target completion year = 2050 hahaha

Enjoy the pictures!

Front view of the lion.

We’re gonna have to do something about those reverse crossed-eyes haha

The reflective part of the original mirror is missing, but plastic piece around it is still there!

The paint design above the nose.

They used marbles for the pupils. Gonna have to clean up the paint around it.

I really like the design around the horn.

Side view of the lion.

Although simple, I really like the design behind the eyes.

The design behind gills.

The design above the eyes. Really eye-catching!

Back view.

The lion tail is also really cool. It’s different than many of the baby lion tails I’ve seen.

Here’s the manufacturer’s label glued inside the lion. Anyone ever heard of them? I think they’re supposed to be a garment factory of some sort?

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