Ace Coming Together!

Ace is finally coming together! I’ve been making a lot of progress over this past week but haven’t updated on it, so here they are!

Saturday – April 20th

Ace’s ears were fully assembled and embellished. I spent the previous few days putting a gloss coat on everything and preparing the embellishments.

Ace’s ears are complete!

Close-up shot of right ear.

I also finished the mouth on Saturday.

Ace’s mouth complete!

Ace’s beard. A little thin this time around so I’ll be changing the way I do it for my next project.

Sunday – April 21st

Ace’s nose was finished. I glued rabbit fur strips, braided trim, and metal discs on it.

Front view of completed nose.

Side view of completed nose.

I also glued metal discs around the entire lion. Many had patterns, but some were just random.

Metal disc pattern along green strip.

Metal disc patterns on front.

Metal discs around horn.

Monday – April 22nd

It took me a horrendous 4 hours to mount the mirror because a lot of complications came up.

Mirror mounted and embellished!

I also glued rabbit fur and braided trim around the horn.

Completed horn.

My friend, Andy Ta, also helped me put on the bristle fur for the lion. A special post about him coming soon! 😀

Mounting the bristle fur.

I also glued rabbit fur and braided trim for the lower eye.

Ace’s lower eye area has rabbit fur instead of bristle fur.

All the bristle fur on!!

This is how Ace looks currently. I know I didn’t meet the Sunday deadline for finishing him, but I’m hoping to finish by Tuesday! Good luck to me, I guess.










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