Lion Brothers Project – Completed Frames

It’s been a while, but I’m back! Then I’ll be gone for a while again…

I’ve been on break for the past several weeks and made some good progress on the Lion Brothers project. Unfortunately, school is starting again tomorrow, so the project will be on hold once again.

I last left off with a completely repaired frame and a partially completed frame that I was building from scratch. I’ve finished both frames now! Woot woot!

Front view of both lion frames

Side view of both lion frames

Back view of both lion frames

The frame built from scratch was quite a challenging process. Originally, I was going to copy the exact measurements from the other lion, but the two base rim measurements were too different. I decided to improvise some of the measurements. Oh yea, something random – I changed the color of the handlebar grip on the lion frame built from scratch because I’m not sure of the colors I want to use anymore.

Nose and upper lip of lion frame built from scratch

As shown above, the nose has a really bulged out center piece. Not sure if I like it, but we’ll see after the lion is done. Unfortunately, the upper lip turned out way lower than I wanted. From certain angles, it looks really weird.

Eyes of lion frame built from scratch

For eyes, I decided to make the eye socket circles snug with the shape of the eyeball to prevent the lazy eye look. Unfortunately, this also made the eye socket higher up than normal, which may be blocked by the eyelids with fur after the lion is complete. We’ll see how it turns out when the lion is done.

Side view of attempted Hok San eye

Also, I tried to add a more Hok San look to the eyes by pulling back the corners of the eyes just a bit. Not sure if I was successful or not.

Fist horn

I gave this lion a fist horn because I was aiming for a Fut Hok lion. This horn was much more complicated to build than a bamboo shoot horn.

Single soy

Because the other frame had the circular gills, I gave this one a single “soy” for contrast. The fins are the same as the other frame though.

Side view of entire lion frame

Back view of entire lion frame

Honestly, I have no clue how the final product will look. There’s at least one thing on each part of the lion that didn’t turn out as I wanted. Oh well!

Entire frame layered with gauze

This is my first time using gauze for the entire lion head. In previous projects, I’ve only used gauze for certain parts of the frame that had huge gaps. I’m glad I used gauze for the entire frame because it made papering much easier.

First layer of paper


First layer of paper

As of right now, I was only able to put a first layer of paper on the back, top, horn, and forehead. The project is getting really exciting! More updates coming during my next break.

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