Stuffing Things Down My Shirt

If memory serves me right, the following is a list of items that I’ve stuffed down my shirt in the past couple years during lion dance performances.  These props are part of puzzles that the lion has to solve/interact with.  And if you’re dancing the lion, there’s no place to store stuff except down your shirt, in your mouth, in your hand, tucked into belts, etc.

The following are items that have actually went down my shirt though… 😛

  1. Many oranges
  2. Many tangerines
  3. Pomelo
  4. Gourd
  5. Acupuncture needles
  6. Red envelopes filled with money
  7. Loose bills
  8. Red envelopes filled with tea leaves
  9. Sewing needle (in pouch)
  10. Metal chisel
  11. Small metal sharpening block
  12. Book

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